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Docs2Manage - 5 Pack (2 Full/3 Viewers) - Small Business Edition 
Docs2Manage - 5 Pack (2 Full/3 Viewers) - Small Business Edition
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( Mfg. Part Number: D2M-SB-Mixed 5pk* )

Type: Docs2Manage or Docs2Web - Small Business Edition - 100,000 Document (Pages) Limit     Platform: PC
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Detailed Description and Features

Docs2Manage 3.x with Cloud Support

Managing documents within your organization has become critical in today's competitive and efficient environment. Docs2Manage provides you a compelling document management solution which can grow with your business needs, whether you need to store hundreds of documents or millions of them.

Docs2Manage Enterprise Edition provides you with these powerful features:

Space Efficient: Docs2Manage is a much needed solutions for companies who are dealing with physical storage constraints for filing rooms or the money paid to outside document storage facilities. Your company's space requirements are dramatically reduced when you choose to file documents electronically versus the traditional hard copy. All documents are stored in a compressed format into the database - saving as much as 90% disk space than the same files located outside of this system

Easy to Use: Docs2Manage provides a familiar look and feel, similar to searching for documents within Windows Explorer. Your Staff will be able to find and access company documents within seconds versus hours wasted in finding hard copies.

Robust Security: The security in Docs2Manage has been enhanced to support multiple departments in a single database allowing each department to customize 40 different user rights that cover nearly every function and feature in Docs2Manage. By customizing these rights, you can control the roles within to each department to prevent information breaches to unauthorized users. Docs2Manage also provides document locking and tracking to support today's compliance and regulatory requirements due to privacy and government legislation.

Cost Effective: Docs2Manage provides a powerful document management solution at an affordable price point, which other competitors are offering at thousands of dollars more.

Flexibility: Store hundreds of documents to millions--you are limited only by the disk space within the database server or PC. Typically you can store up to 50,000 pages per GB of hard drive space. The Enterprise version of Docs2Manage offers a wide range of compatibility to existing databases including MS Access database to an enterprise database like MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, IBM DB2 or Sybase.

Docs2Manage makes your search results and documents mobile by creating a "portable database" of a portion of your documents or all of them, which can be copied to a CD-ROM. Distribute the CD-ROM freely and run on any Windows machine without the need for an install process or a Docs2Manage software license.