The COMvantage Mission: To provide document management solutions for any size business that is easy to use, secure, feature rich, robust, flexible, portable, and within budget.

Company History:
In 1997, Tom Glunz, President of COMvantage, Inc., while working for a spring and stamping manufacturer, wanted to improve document workflow for the quality control and engineering departments, which was overburdened with excess papers. He created a database to organize and file part numbers, drawings, files and more. He created the first software version of a document management program. In 1999, he created COMvantage, Inc. for the purpose of selling both hardware and software solutions to clients.
Realizing this software could help other companies, he created a more robust solution which could manage endless documents, improve work flow and create cost-savings through efficient storage, search and document management functions. He released his first publicly available software solution, then called Document Storage System (DSS) in 2001. DSS was created to provide an easy-to-use system to manage and store virtually any type of document, while providing security and search capabilities. A broad range of businesses (both small businesses and larger enterprises) prefer our solution over our competitors.
Hundreds of clients have taken advantage of our document management solution to help cut costs, improve their work efficiency and improve their business. Whether you are a start-up company or a large enterprise, your documents can accumulate to unmanageable proportions and DSS provides a compelling document management solution. Our solution integrates with ease to your existing business. Plus DSS expands with your business as it grows. Whether you need to store hundreds of documents or millions of them.
In June 2005, DSS changed its name and look to coincide with its newest release, Docs2Manage. Today, Docs2Manage has clients which include individuals who want to organize their personal files to corporations who manage their invoices, drawings, etc.- spanning across nearly 75 different countries worldwide.