05/26/2006 - website launched
The COMvantage website was redesigned and became the official home of Docs2Manage software.

03/13/2006 - PDF Document compatibility added
The ability to store Adobe Acrobat Document (PDFs) was available since Docs2Manage (or DSS) was created. This release added the ability to view, OCR (extract text), print PDF documents.

01/13/2006 - ZDNet Downloads Digest – Pick of the week
With the addition of Docs2Web, ZDNet pick the Docs2Manage Suite as the download pick of the week. The day it was announced more than 4,000 trial editions were downloaded.

01/05/2006 - Docs2Web made publicly available
Docs2Web became publicly available as part of the Docs2Manage download. The download also included a mini web server named Falcon Web Server, which made it possible to install Docs2Web without special instructions as required before. After the Docs2Manage / Docs2Web install was complete, the user could access the Docs2Manage database through a standard browser.

06/17/2005 - Document Storage System renamed to Docs2Manage / DSS Web became Docs2Web, Document Explorer, Security Event Log / Auditing added
Document Storage System (DSS) changed its name and look by adding a document explorer to coincide with its newest release, Docs2Manage. Security Event Log / Auditing was added to log every right accessed by Docs2Manage users from the viewing or printing of a document to something as simple as when the program was started.

10/27/2004 - Time and Chaos Support, Integral Security and Multi-department Added
Integral Security control every feature inside DSS was added. The need to create separate DSS databases for each department was eliminated by the addition of Multi-departmental support, which allowed each department to customize the categorizing fields to fit their own needs. A longtime DSS customer suggested that DSS be integrated with a contact manager; Time and Chaos by Chaos Software seemed to be a great fit, since it had an interface to communicate with other software.

12/15/2003 - Document Storage System OCR Added
The ability to extract text from scanned documents was made possible with the optional OCR plug-in. This made it possible to do keyword searches in DSS.

04/08/2003 - Document Storage System B&W Tiff Support, High-speed scanning support, Repository Mode, Annotations Added
This was the release that made DSS a viable alternative to the other major document management solutions. B&W Tiff support meant that documents could be store in higher quality while using less storage space. This also made it possible to use almost any TWAIN compatible high-speed scanner. DSS was tested on a high-speed Fujitsu scanner rated at 80ipm (images per minute). The Repository was added to give a place to scan and store many unorganized documents that could later be organized. Annotation was also added in this release, which allowed the ability to mark-up, stamp, and draw on top of the original scanned document. These documents could be printed with or without the annotations.

02/17/2002 - DSS Web Online Demo made available
A division of MetLife required a simple solution to deploy that could securely access the documents placed in the Document Storage System database to a high number of users. DSS Web was developed to access these documents through a standard Internet browser. A sample of this project was posted on the COMvantage website.

07/31/2001- Document Storage System v1 Released
After making a Document Management System in Paradox specifically for a manufacturing company in the Chicago area, the decision was made to create Document Management System that would fit the needs of any organization.

COMvantage, Inc. and launched – 1999
COMvantage, Inc. formed along with mainly selling computer hardware, software, and related consulting.