To expedite your support request, we recommend sending an e-mail to "support (at)" which includes the following information:

Your Full Name
Company Name (if applicable)
Order Number
Item(s) concerned (part number if possible)
Full description of problem or concern
Phone Number - We may want to contact you by phone
Fax Number (if applicable)

E-mail gives both parties a record of the request. Please be as clear as possible when stating your concerns and questions. We make every effort to respond to the email within one business day. Click here to send an e-mail.

You can also contact us by calling:
+1.847.690.9900 (United States)
(877) 523-0093 (Toll-Free within United States)
+44 (0)151.324.2350 (United Kindom / Europe)

Or send regular mail to:
COMvantage Solutions
431 E. Oakwood Drive
Barrington, IL 60010